Thursday, January 04, 2007

Same ol shit!

Yeah Yeah Yeah its a new year...WHATEVER! Shit dont change, same ol struggle, same ol bullshit, same ol problems. Fuck a new years resolution, I just carry on my life as usual. So yeah I got some time off from school, so what do I do? Hit the studio. Check me out:

The Negotiator...DoPE!

The Artist...Carmen

The Engineer...Ody

The Guy with the Checkbook...China

The Fuck You man...Torch

We getting our boxing lessons on (dont that guy look like George Foreman and Mike Tyson mixed? lmao...nah thats my man K and he will knock you the fuck out!!!)

She might knock you the fuck out too! Nigga!
But all in all we just working, new mixtape on the way, new video on the way, new shit on the way, more shit talkin on the way, camera back working so new pics on the way, new trips on the way, new chicks on the way (hahahahahahaha), hit me on the myspace ( ), my new page is empty! Dammit, my old page was poppin, now that I switched it up and got a music page nobody loves me?!?! Whatever then. Its DoPE! signing off til later on.


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