Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Lanvin x H&M

How do I word this? Hmmm.... Ok now I haven't seen the collection so this is based purely off prior knowledge and personal feelings. With that said let me say this. I am extremely afraid to see the outcome of this collab. Why? Well its a little like this. No disrespect to H&M, I shop there regularly. I've been wearing the same H&M belt for a year now, all my plain hoodies are by H&M, got a couple dress shirts, even got a pretty dope suit from them. Props aside, lets be honest- H&M is the best CHEAP alternative to getting fresh. Not cheap in price, even tho it is that, but as far as quality, they are the best of all the fast-food fashion chains. I say that with the utmost of respect, I mean what can you expect of a $19.99 dress shirt? You can't expect the finest of quality for something so mass produced and so cost effective. It works BUT the key to the Lanvin aura is the QUALITY! Now where does the compromise lie for these two? Is Lanvin gonna dumb down their craftsmanship for the sake of commerce or is H&M gonna hike prices for the sake of quality? In both cases for this to truly work, someones gonna have to lose. Now past H&M/High End Design collabs have all ended in the same vein, High Street brands have all degraded their quality for the H&M price point consumer base while H&M doing moderate price increases with limited runs of product to appease the high fashion house of the moment. Did it work? Well sales went through the roof. Was there any groundbreaking product created? Not in my opinion. I say all that to say this. I HOPE this shit is remarkable. I've lost faith in fashion houses and this could be a total resurgence in the fashion business from a commerce level and creative standpoint. As a fan of both houses, I want this to be the one that breaks through, realistically speaking, I see it as just hype to boost some fall sales for both brands. -CurT@!n$


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