Sunday, September 26, 2010


OK so i'm a magazine junkie. I havent bought a mag since May due to my rehabilitation of my #1 bad habbit. I had to renig on my "magazine detox" when I saw that Kanye was "curating" the new issue of XXL. SO I copped it and it didn't dissapoint. Ye's section had its own style of paper which I thought was a good touch. The shots were dope, the article was fresh (I got a quick mention but it was an inside joke you would'nt get) and the whole "Rosewood" style thing was pretty well displayed. As eye raising as some of the shit Kanye been doing lately, you/I could never front on his execution of merging art/fashion/music/pop culture all into one boundaryless bubble. Champagne toast to the homie.


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