Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Krit Wuz Here

I had this dilemma the other day. I don't know if its me or I just dont like anything now a days. Clothes, music, art, everything just seems so stale and bland. I finally realized, its not me. Shit just sucks! Woke up this morning in need of dire inspiration. I've known Krit for a lil bit and he always been dope to me. Shipes called me one night to come thru and check out some beats and it musta been the coldest day of the year, and it had to be like 3 in the morn, but I still went thru and Krit played me some beats and played some of his new shit. I was super excited with what I heard. Now fast forward 6 months later and this fucking album is retarded! Shouts to Krit for delivering a super serious project top to bottom (he produced EVERYTHING). KRIT Wuz Here

Download Here: Big Krit "K.R.I.T Wuz Here"


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