Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Speech...

First off I wanna say thank you to the people. Without ya'll none of this shit would be possible. Thanks to my team. Bingy (I went IN)...Torch (Wonderful job on the pictures)...Ody (Awesome job on the mixing)...Clark (Now whats next?)...Alexis (See I could get the south on my side)...Shouts to Bun-B, Tyrese, Tha Adjictivz, Chemical Beatz, J-Hyphen, SEEEEEEEIGE!!!!, Knotch, Redwine, Buzz, The Baron Boyz, Easwood, Bean-One, Scott, Picasso...Shouts to all the blog sites (waaaaaaay too many to name). Thank all ya'll, without the net I wouldn't be shit right now! Special shouts to Yomi at MTV for looking out. "Black Folks" was only the beginning. Shouts to GFC (steve-o whattup!) LANCE-Motherfucking-Drake on the artwork! (I know you aint get a video on this project, but we gon kill em on the next one!)...Gabriel Heart and Kenny Taylor on the videos...All the actors in the videos (Thank you all...Great jobs!)... This project is from the heart. Hope ya'll enjoy.


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