Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The Twin Towers...

You knew this was coming from me...

Yeah I bought 2 copies...one to never ever ever open and one to just look on the inside...I downloaded the album last week so I will be never ever placing the actual cd in a cd player. I'm just a fan. I wanted to wait for today to give my honest opinion track by track and overall view. Now on the overall view- This album is AMAAZING! I mean from intro to outro its some next level shit. Now i've heard this album over 6 months ago, and it was amazing back then. Except for 3 or 4 songs which were new (that means I heard 3 or 4 songs that didnt make the final cut! lucky me) But this album sounds like magic every time I listen, like i'm hearing it for the 1st time. Goodmorning, I Wonder, Flashing Lights, The Glory, and Stronger are my top 5 favs in that order. Lyrics are raw "I'm like a fly Malcolm X- By Any Jeans Necessary..." (if you have me on your buddy list on AIM you know thats been my fucking away message since March!) "Damn these niggas got me/ I hate these niggas more than the Nazi's" Beats are superstupid! ("Stronger" has the illest breakdown in long time) The album just sounds fresh, it sounds refreshing, it sounds next level. He nailed it with this one. And by going the extra mile and having Murakami do the artwork is like an extra bonus cuz it goes to show that he cares about the album in general and not just singles. I give this album a perfect 10 (beats, rhymes, packaging, videos) This album is a perfect album. In my opinion that is. Just my opinion.

P.S- I'm not a hater, I got "Curtis" too, I just dont like it...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

meant to call you out on that since March... its "I'm like a fly Malcolm X- Buy Any Jeans Necessary..." not by

8:20 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

yeah you definitely had that as ya away lol. cant even believe you wasted good money on that curtis album. im not a hater but...if everyone thinks that kayne is cocky and arrogant, what the hell do you think curtis is?

9:34 AM  
Blogger Kalilah said...

i love the kanye cd also, and i was not a fan of the 50 album. and i dig the new keyshia cole also!

8:42 PM  

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